For low count rate applications using high leakage detectors, the resulting low frequency noise bandwidth may improve resolution. Connected to an Ethernet network, the B allows data acquisition from any computer on the network. For typical use with a positive HV bias to the anode of the detector, the preamplifier generates positive polarity energy pulses which are shaped in the amplifier as necessary for counting or low energy x-ray analysis. From time to time, we would like to contact you about our products and services, as well as other content that may be of interest to you. The B amplifier employs a simple gated baseline restorer which, because of its symmetrical characteristic, provides high resolution for HPGe detectors at low and high counting rates.

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The Model can also serve as a wideband or variable bandwidth general purpose amplifier and as a shaping amplifier for high rate energy spectroscopy applications. Counting laboratories involved in the routine qualification and quantification of gamma emitting nuclides are burdened with the often overwhelming problem of sample management.


The Multiport II is easy to install and easy to link. The results are consistent and repeatable, and nearly operator independent.

They have canherra been formally verified and validated through a formal QA process. Scaling and trigger functions are similar to those of an actual oscilloscope.

By adjusting the time constant settings, the user can optimize pulse shape and slope-to-noise ratio when making timing measurements.

Simultaneous unipolar and bipolar outputs are available at both front and rear panel BNC connectors. To support a variety of alpha detectors, the built-in detector bias supply is adjustable from 2 to V dc, positive or io. The SFG provides gain resolution better than 1 in 16 0.


Users should exercise caution when using these patch files. Otherwise sets the high-pulse action based on value. Critical performance adjustments are automatically optimized, eliminating the subjectiveness and guesswork normally associated with manual fine tuning. The precision preamp and amplifier provide the optimal pulse shaping and signal conditioning required for detectors used in alpha spectrometry.

With trapezoidal filtering, the pulses can be processed more rapidly and accurately, so the spectrum resolution is enhanced while throughput is increased. If using Genie Version 3. The preamplifier offers a noise contribution of only 2. It allows expert users to develop platform independent applications for instrument control and data acquisition.

You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For the full-featured standard English-language product, right-click and choose “save target as” to download the appropriate file s to your computer: The high count rate capability of the design is evidenced by a charge rate capacity greater than 2 x coulombs per second.

Description The Model Amplifier represents the latest in a programmable spectroscopy amplifier design and includes all the features associated with a research grade signal processor. The use of DSP technology also improves the overall signal acquisition performance. Otherwise, if the device hasn’t been explicitly cleared, new data will be added to the existing.

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By checking this box you agree that we may store and process your information for the specific request s that prompted canberrw to fill out your contact information. Such an arrangement allows for the low noise and fast rise times, as in Table 1 see spec sheet.

This section lists numerous specialty and spectroscopy-grade amplifiers which may be used to satisfy a wide variety of applications.


Multiport is suitable for use with a wide range of radiation detectors. The gated baseline restorer with automatic rate and threshold assures the best possible low and high count rate resolution performance.

The second active stage operates as a buffer for driving various cable lengths without pulse degradation. As illustrated in Table 1, low noise and fast rise time prevail over a wide range of input capacitance.

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