Previous version of Remote Center installed. For activating the new possibilities on the card, it is necessary to install Live! Besides, I loved the idea from Creative of a sound card with a remote-control. If you don’t want to use a Creative written Beta upgrade, then just use this one. Besides, the fashion for kbps mp3 is going away little by little. I am guessing they removed it “for safety” because it contains a Beta driver, and is now completely unsupported.

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DVD and Dolby Digital 5.

However, the drivers are definitely older. The Value card did not have the pin-header for Audio Extension. After the installation of the drivers and software for both cards, Live! According to the Creative website, there are two types of X-Gamer cards: It will be present after tuning xt4760 mixer.

Need for acquisition of an additional sound card.

SoundBlaster Live! Platinum with Live Drive II – PC World Australia

The sale of this board by Dell created some controversy because it was not obviously marketed as an inferior or cheaper product. As seen, main disadvantages with our method is connected with the connection of speaker systems on the analog interface. To install the driver, do the following: Close all other Windows applications. In the new version of Live! Mount the creatice so that the pins will match the contacts on both sides.


And availability of samples’ ct4670 in sf2 format on the Net and simplicity of the Vienna SoundFont Studio editor allows a musician at least to have something to start with. Ware the following possibilities were added:.

Creative Worldwide Support > Live! bit

One analog and one digital? There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Base class of device. And although a statements from Creative, similar connections do not present any danger for the devices.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sound Blaster Cr4760 I haven’t noticed any marked difference either in sounding quality or in CPU utilization as comparing with the Live!

Must be equally h.

Creative SoundBlaster Live Platinum Ct4760 PCI Digital Output Sound Card

A dialog box displaying the version number appears. But all live instruments especially percussion instruments sounded dimly and lifeless. After long exhausting experiments with installation we couldn’t get the both cards working. The drivers worked without difficulty, all applications worked as if it were the 5.

Most likely you have the same.

Sound Blaster Live!

Platinum line2 input External loopback, Hz sampling, -3dB 1kHz. I disassembled the module to study what was inside.


I am guessing they removed it creativ safety” because it contains a Beta driver, and is now completely unsupported. It also included higher quality sound output at all levels, quadrophonic output, and a new MIDI synthesizer with 64 sampled voices. That’s why I for a long time couldn’t stand a poor timbre substitute, set in the keys and funny PC wavetable synthesizer with 1 MB of ROM which contained instruments.

The net card will lose the possibility to be used according to its straight purpose in this period functionality naturally, but it will completely be restored with the return of the “native” microcircuit 93c And all this is done without an exhausting process of creating multimegabyte archives of MP3 records as it’s suggested in other programs.

I don’t think so as it seems not to be the good end on the sound card side I would sum up: Please don’t run the update in link number 2 or 3.