The black uniformity is poor. Brightness of shades of gray. The gamma is a bit closer to our 2. As with other Dell monitors, the build quality is good. This all comes perfect right out of the box. IR after 10 min recovery. Color Shift from Right.

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This isn’t that bad though, as many people find 60Hz flicker distracting. To post a comment you need to Log in. Height-adjustable stand, tilt, pivot clockwise and counter-clockwiseswivel, and built in cable-management.

Dell UH 27″ Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor UH

The Dell UH gets bright enough to accommodate for even more challenging environments. The Dell UH is a good monitor for a wide range of usages. Unfortunately, its blacks aren’t the most uniform and show signs of glow, and it doesn’t offer higher refresh rates for better motion. Contrast with local dimming. How much the position of the screen can be adjusted to match the viewing preference of the user.

Although it dfll almost entirely plastic, it still feels high quality and the design is well-refined. How quickly pixels can fully transition from one color to another.


Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The UH has much better viewing angles and better ergonomics, so it can easily be adjusted to the best position and readjusted if there are multiple users.

Dell U2715H

Includes websites, standard windows environment and SDR movies. Movie watching has been fine as well, black levels are good with minor adjustments.

Motion looks decent on the Dell Ultrasharp UH, but not as good as on many gaming monitors. The color is amazing and I would put h2715h at the quality of the mac thunderbolt display easily, except this monitor has a anti glare screen.

Dell UH Review –

Poor response time causes trails to follow moving objects. In addition to audio and video inputs, you can also connect USB compatible peripherals to any of the five of the downstream USB 3.

When looking at a monitor from below. How much of the DCI-P3 colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness output. See all your applications tiled side by side with nothing buried.

Preview Back to editor Format guide —. Color Shift from Left. Some edge-lit monitors have more uniform blacks than some full-array monitors. The UH also has much better input lag, making it a dfll choice for gaming.


Here you can vote for our next review. Image retention measured right after the static image exposure, without recovery time. The frequency at which the monitor’s can be boosted to using its internal menu. When you care about color reproduction and accuracy.

The input lag is constant no matter the input resolution, which is handy when gaming at lower resolutions like p. General content consumption or production. It does not change brightness over time or with different content shown on screen. You can download our ICC profile calibration here. The U is brighter, has wider viewing angles, and slightly better black uniformity, making it a more versatile monitor than the UD. There are far more details in shadows of my photos compared eell my iMac.

This is good for most environments, but may be an issue in a bright room. Configuration of the lights of the backlight.