Views View Edit History. Morris — Nuffield Oxford Taxi —53 Winchester — Retrieved 19 April This was rusted near one wiper drive box and a new piece was let in behind the dashboard and the two pieces plug welded along the top. When Tony finally had to sell it on he had to get a fresh MOT and that was a mission in itself.

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Can I have my taxi re-sprayed in a different colour for advertising purposes?

Austin FX4

The front heater The front interior heater in a fairway is dimensioons same as fitted to an MGB and they weren’t a lot of good in them either. How often do taxis need to be serviced and Will it be expensive??

Even with outside temperatures below freezing,ten minutes or so plugged into the mains and the heater in the back is warm and the Nissan diesel starts first turn of the key.

The heater motor is a generic Lucas one In theory you can unclip the front of the heater to get at the heater rad,in practice you have dimenskons remove the whole unit.

Enough seats to comfortably seat 5 people and even a facility for wheelchair users to get in via a tailor-made ramp, there are even fittings to fix the wheelchair securely in place, this car was designed for one job and one job only and that was for ferrying people about to their destination. The following other wikis use this file: Repairs to rusted out inner wings.


The boot light switch is a poor design and tries to peel back the rubber seal every time the boot is opened,a metal shield was fitted over it to prevent the switch catching on it. The swivels llti rubber bushed and were also used on the rear of some early jaguars. It was registered in Manchester.

When the radiator later sprung a leak I dimesnions there are two types and mine was the early one which is no longer available.

A small hole can be drilled into the steel body of the seal held in by the circlip,and a self tapper screwed in which can be pulled with pliers to dislodge the seal. The TX1 and TX2 taxis have 3 seat belts simensions the back. The edges were squared off and ground down to remove paint etc.

We have been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people that have bought vehicles from certain other internet taxi sales sites. The brushes can be bought cheaply and changing them doesn’t require any soldering.

Austin FX4 – Wikipedia

The doors open very wide and like most taxis this one arrived with ramps for loading ximensions wheel chair. The gearbox fitted to automatic fairways is a Jatco E4N71B,four speed auto with a torque convertor lock. Grinding the welds flush meant they needed little filler. I didn’t own a garage for most of my taxi dimwnsions work was done outside no matter what the weather and as a rolling restoration as I had nowhere to store the vehicle off road either.

As with most small manufacturers Carbodies or LTI as they are now known,raid the parts bins of other makers for all sorts of stuff on their vehicles.


Buying an Ex London Black Cab Questions

There are of course exceptions. The Cab and driving controls, To the right of the steering wheel are three lights. I made up some steel sections to reduce the gap,these were welded to the sills and then sealed to the door post with a silicone like compound. Please help improve ,ti article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Taxi rear doors hinge at the rear,if they are opened with the vehicle travelling at any speed,wind pressure makes them fly open. What can I say about a car that most of the general public has experienced at least once in their lives. The old sills were full of dmensions damp mud to fill a bucket. The front suspension was designed specifically for these taxis.

The electric windows worked, which was a bonus. Five in the rear compartment and of course the driver. Stephen Fry owned a Fairway as his own private fakrway.

File LTI Fairway ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

You could try the Elite Taxis Shop. A site based in Holland but loads of usefull links and downloads for Fairway and FX4 drivers handbooks. This has to be drained off as water can damage the engine,the injectors and pump.