Page 55 Specified by: Page int getResultSetType java. RecoveryEvaluate any error or error detail information accompanying this message andcontact the GMCSC to check logs for server Neoview platform errors and to analyzeaccompanying errors and warnings. String language Sets the language to use for the error messages. IOExceptionwritepublic void write char[] cbuf throws java. String[] columnNames throws java. Page 39 setTxidpublic void setTxid long txid throws java.

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Specifying a value of 0 zero orless indicates that neovidw pool should not be created with any initial connections. String sql,int[] columnIndexes throws java.

HP Neoview Release Software : README for the HP Neoview JDBC Type 4 Driver (Upd2 R SP2)

Page createStatement int, int – Method in class com. String sql,int autoGeneratedKeys jsbc java. IOExceptionmarkpublic void mark int readlimit markSupportedpublic boolean markSupported readpublic int read throws java. EffectNot all the batch-update commands succeed.


JDBC Drivers Reference

String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys int executeUpdate java. Page 55 Specified by: Page 82 Primary key column value can’t be updatedCauseEffectAn attempt was made to update the primary-key column in a table. These properties can be specified in adata source, a connection URL the primary IP address or host name on the Neoview SQLdatabasea properties file, or in the java command line.

Page Method Detailavailablepublic int available throws java. The format for specifying the password is: Use the getUrl to obtain the URL string. Page 95 setNameTypepublic void setNameType java.

JDBC Drivers Reference – Pentaho Documentation

String getCatalog boolean getDateConversion Returns true if the data format needs to be converted. Page 79 Invalid descriptor indexCauseA ResultSetMetadata column parameter or a ParameterMetaData paramparameter is outside of the descriptor range. RecoveryEnsure that all required column values are specified, and retry the operation. Page public int executeUpdate java.

IOExceptionwritepublic void write char[] cbuf,int off,int len throws java.


The network timeout value in seconds. NDCS server-side data source name. String blobTableName throws java. String[] columnNames int[] executeBatch java. Page 70 Specified by: Page nodeOne of the following: Page 39 setTxidpublic void setTxid long txid throws java.

Consistent with FAR Java is a U. Locale object associated with the current Type 4 connection. Unexpected programming exception has been found: String cpu void setLogWriter java.

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Savepoint setSavepoint throws java. Objectequals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, waitMethods inherited from interface javax.

EffectThe ResultSet row information retrieval does not succeed.