Lobster TV Summary In summary, we really like this phone – it’s well-built, hi-spec, and the radio and TV is a crowd pleaser. First released on the Virgin Mobile network in October , the Lobster is now no longer available , and the TV service was discontinued in January And yes, you will need a TV licence. For help connecting to a PC, see our ActiveSync page. When is Android Pie coming to my phone?

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Lobster 700TV Mobile Phone with built-in TV and Radio

This can be found below the battery compartment just underneath the SIM card slot. Lobster TV Box contents.

As a TV and radio device, we’ve been surprisingly impressed too. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted On the left of the phone, there are two volume adjusters that increase or decrease the earpiece volume.

Virgin Lobster TV mobile phone

There’s a seven-day programme guide, and you can set a reminder to watch a channel on a particular day at a particular time.

If you’ve got any info on accessories for the Lobsterplease let us knowso we can share this with our visitors. Don’t leave it gathering dust – recycle 700fv. Apple MacBook Pro inch The 3, 6, and 9 keys can 700tv used to control TV and radio channels.

If lobstr wrong, or you have any insight, please let us know Message: To set a MID as a ring tone for your Lobsterdo the following: But there is a lot of play behind them. Here’s what we know about ringtones on the Lobster TV: You can play the sound through the handset speaker or headphones.


Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

At the crux of the device is a DAB digital tuner that means the phone can tune in to over 50 radio channels and currently three simulcast television channels; BBC One, ITV1 and E4 as well as Channel 4, which currently only offers made-for-mobile TV programmes. The Activesync software includes the synchronisation solution, file conversion and the required device drivers. Rated output of transformer: Underneath are 70tv options, TV Guide or Menu.

The headphone connector is smaller than a standard 3. We’ve had a couple of emails from users reporting that they’re seeing loster ‘Missing NoVideo.

OnePlus 6T tips and tricks: When is Android Pie coming to my phone? HTC has, though, been able to incorporate larger than usual Home, Back, Call and End keys, and these sit either side of a large navigation button designed with a single rounded and three square corners.

Lobster TV Mobile Phone with built-in TV and Radio | Radio & Telly UK

Lovster biggest problem we found, wasn’t the battery life – that was actually very good, it was locking on to a signal to get TV. Data modem the Lobster TV can be used as a data modem, to allow a laptop to get an Internet connection.


We wouldn’t be embarrassed to share the images it produced. Bubble Breaker and Solitaire.

You may even be able to make some money for getting rid of your old phone safely. Go to the forum. This is not a 3G handset.

If you want to get the Lobster TV unlocked for use on another network, you should contact Virgin Mobile Customer Services and ask them to provide you with an unlock code. Note though that they seems to have a low satisfaction rating at ReviewCentreso be wary.

lobstrr If you have any more questions about ringtones – please ask in our forum. Power adapter The mini-USB socket at the bottom of the phone accepts the connector from the supplied mains transformer. However, it didn’t work well on a train — it frequently froze — and occasionally cut out on the bus and car if we were in areas with very bad reception.