Virtual machine applications are a class of programs that simulate a “virtual computer” in memory, allowing you to install any operating system on the machine. Opera and Google provide the GPG key with the installation, but you will have to acquire the others in the manner already described. Note that MEPIS should already have identified it as a vfat partition in the third column, so all your changes need only be in the fourth column bolded below:. From computer professional to first-time computer user, we have tried to make an operating system for you. When I want to install a version of an application newer than existing in repository e.

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Be sure to click Apply when you make a change on any tab you will see a warning if you don’t.

MEPIS 11.0.12 Users Manual

Software is provided in the form of a package: It is similar in function to Adobe Photoshop. The abundance of tools and apps that come pre-installed is by far the best feature of this distro besides stability and compatability with debian packages.

You will get poor performance from a system with minimum specifications. This gave us the opportunity to add pleasf hardware exploration tool to the boot options.

Finally, it is important to remember that the number of Community members maintaining installations of earlier versions continually decreases. KDE is a very powerful desktop environment, but others are available from the repos. If all normal attempts to configure your video have failed, or if things have gotten totally messed up, you can use a CLI tool called Xorg -configure that will examine your system and provide a new basic configuration file.


There is the option of using the backports repo must be added manually plsase will give you some updated packages at the cost of some stability. It copies one directory to another, keeping a record of the differences in a special subdirectory so you can still recover files lost some time ago. If you are installing on Apple hardware or if this computer will only run Linux, check this box.

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You can customize all KDE panels according to your preferences. Use a good quality writable DVD with a 4. The initrd option plesae to an initial RAM drive, a virtual hard drive created in the system’s memory that allows the kernel to load special driver modules required to read the boot device hard drive.

For system requirements and recommendations, please consult Section 3.

After trying Ubuntu I looked for more stable system, and decided to give Mepis a try. Great hardware detection, wonderful support forum mepislovers. Here is the procedure:. This will prevent your widgets from possibly moving around or even disappearing. An exact copy of another Internet site, commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information to supply reliable access to large downloads. Minimum specifications Minimum specifications usually allow installation and booting, but severely restrict performance.

Check the sites linked below for new developments. In order to troubleshoot any problems you will need to know what sound card you have. In most cases, the “Temporary Files” category will occupy the most disk space.


For most new Linux users, the command line is mainly used as a troubleshooting tool. To solve particular problems, advanced users sometimes make use of kernel patches. It may be possible to change this by using the command line utility cfdisk type man: What different types of codecs are there? In this case, the switch we want is:. Usually, this means that either you failed to install GRUB, or you failed to mark at least one partition bootable a.

You can add a cheat code here to pass a command along with a value, when applicable to the system in order to adjust for special situations, typically display problems. We can do this by piping the output of the ls command into another command, grep. Below is the default Page One with a random weather location but no sources selected for the Community or Knowledge widgets. Check I agree to the Terms and click Next. To make the selected widget appear on the desktop or in the panel, double-click it, and then close the dialog box.